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  • Two component polyurethane coating teflon hose

    • High pressure thermoplastic hose / Special hose
    • Filling machine
    • General industrial machine / Hydraulic
    • Sealant
    • Two component polyurethane coating

    This hose features heating elements directly braided into the Teflon tube.
    Heating is achieved by direct electrical conduction through the hose, thus preventing hardening of paint.
    The heating element is integrated with the hose to realize spatial economy and light weight, and prevent loss of workability even over long spans.

  • Heated hose

    • Heated hose
    • Antifreezing (DEF / SCR system)
    • Asphalt coal tar
    • Dispenser
    • Dust-proof and drip-proof
    • ECO / Energy saving
    • Filling machine
    • Food / Medical supplies / Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics
    • Fuel cell
    • Gas sampling / Analytical equipment
    • Hot air / Steam transfer
    • Hot melt
    • Laminate
    • Laundry industry / Fabric factory / Automotive seat cleaning
    • Mass spectrometry/MS
    • Mold temperature controller
    • Oil grease
    • Optical fiber
    • Painting machine
    • Pneumatic tool (cold region)
    • Precision mechanical equipment
    • Printer / Ink
    • Resin mold / Transfer of high viscosity resin / Multi-layer molding
    • Sealant
    • Semiconductor
    • Tank / Hopper
    • Transfer line
    • Two component polyurethane coating

    This is a heating hose with a maximum thermal resistance of 400℃, which specializes in thermal insulation and heating of flowing fluid and gas.Hoses are manufactured according to specific requirements such as size, length, working temperature and fittings type.
    In addition, we also provide temperature controllers that are compatible with each product.

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