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Desired products
Inner tube material
Inner tube inner diameter

Please indicate the inner diameter for heated tube.
Hose, tube length
End fittings material

※No iformation is required for heated tube.
End fittings type
Other end fittings type (e.g. Ferrule, flange, tube fitting)

※No iformation is required for heated tube.For other typse of end fittings (e.g., ferrule, flange, tube joint),
please indicate specifications if available.

Power supply voltage

Single/3-phase AC/DC
Required electric power

If not specified, calculation will based on our standard.
Maximum working pressure
Normal working pressure
Maximum working temperature
Normal working temperature
Temperature sensor
Lead length
Lead wire/power supply cable + sensor cable
Genuine temperature controller
Temperature controller output
Trunk line

If required, please indicate the number of lines.
Connector or Plug

If not specified, our standard connector will be supplied if a temperature controller is required.
Hose ground or earth
Fluid type
Working environment
Trauma resistance

※Limits apply if hoses are used in places where wear is severe due to violent movement and collisions with machinery.)
※Effective in lowering the surface temperature.

Finished outer diameter specification

Our standard will be used if not specified.
Outer layer flame retardance treatment

※Flame retardance treatment is not possible if trauma resistance is specified.

Heater for fittings

※Temperature control is not necessary. Temperature is controlled together with the hose.

Please note any opinions or questions you have.

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