Heated hose

This is a heating hose with a maximum thermal resistance of 400℃, which specializes in thermal insulation and heating of flowing fluid and gas.Hoses are manufactured according to specific requirements such as size, length, working temperature and fittings type.
In addition, we also provide temperature controllers that are compatible with each product.

Heated hose


Heat resistance temperature: Up to 400℃ max.

*Please ask about higher temperatures.


  • Capable of thermal insulation and heating, the heat-generating layer comprises evenly-wound heating elements, thus minimizing differences in inner wall temperature distribution.
  • Customers can select hose materials to meet their working environment and conditions and hoses can also be supplied to meet special requirements such as flexibility for working environments where hoses move continually.
  • We can design hoses with materials and a wide range of fittings matched to applications and offer specifications to satisfy any requirements.
  • We can design hoses with flame retardant and noncombustible materials matched to conditions. In addition, we select heat retention material with high insulation performance to realize a structure that takes surface temperature into consideration.

Structural Drawing

Heated hoseの構成図 Heated hoseの構成図

Typical Materials

① AdapterSUS, iron, brass, etc.
② Hose fittingSUS, iron, brass, Teflon resin, etc.
③ Inner tubeNylon, Teflon, rubber, SUS pipes, etc.
④ Pressure-resistant layerSUS304 wire braid, fiber braid, etc.
⑤ Insulation layerHeat-resistant fiber braid + Silicone treatment, etc.
⑥ Heating layerNichrome wire (e.g. Heat-resistant fiber braid, Teflon coated), other heating elements
⑦ Heat insulationSpecial heat-resistant sponge, special heat-resistant felt and other heat-resistant materials
⑧ Outer layerHeat-resistant resin braid, shrinkable tubes, etc.
⑨ End capNPM, silicone, etc.
⑩ Lead coverSantoprene, silicone-coated glass sleeves, heat-resistant corrugated tubes, etc.
 Power cableTeflon coated wire, etc.
 Sensor wireThermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers, self-temperature control types, etc.
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