Fluid and gas transfer by temperature control technology

Our company's mission is" to maintain quality and ensure productivity and safety in the field of temperature control of equipment such as industrial components, piping and tanks."
As well as developing products to match customer requirements for hot fluid and gas transfer, freezing prevention and high-pressure specifications, we also endeavor to supply ideal products for each site applications.

Development and design of order-made products

Development and design of order-made products

Customers have diverse requirements such as specific sizes, special fittings, working temperatures, operating equipment and environmental conditions.
To meet such requirements, we design products individually matched to on-site needs such sizes, shapes and special specifications.
In addition, we can also manufacture temperature controllers and original products with outstanding features such as drip-proof, anti-freeze and dust-proof specifications for cleanrooms usage and other environments where dust is to be strictly controlled, heavy duty type for use in places where hoses are moved rapidly, as well as shock and wear resistance.

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