About heated hoses

From low to high temperatures,
from extremely low to ultra-high pressure

Heated hose is our company main product which provides constant temperature transfer by controlling fluid temperature according to operating conditions. Evenly braided with nichrome wire, the heater can be set within a range of 0℃ to a maximum of 400℃ and keeps differences in the temperature distribution of the internal wall to a minimum value.
With a maximum working pressure of 35MPa, heated hoses are used in various fields including dispensers, resin molding, food and medical equipment manufacturing.

Heater Structure

Heaters are braided with E-glass fiber to ensure an even inter-heater pitch so that heaters do not dislocate when the hose moves.
In addition, the structure also prevents partial overheating, short circuits and ground faults.

Heater Structure


Hot melt equipment
Bonding and adhesion for packaging, bookbinding, plywood, disposable diapers, etc.
Devices, epoxy resin, silicone
Automotive applications
Transfer of butyl rubber and urethane
Resin molding
Transfer of high-viscosity resins (e.g. PP, PE, Acrylics, PVC), multi-layer molding
Environment-related applications: Exhaust gas sampling and analysis equipment
Food and medical equipment-related
Transfer of substances such as chocolate, wax, oil and cosmetics
Painting industry
Hot air, hot sprays
Next-generation energy
Fuel cells, optical fiber
Oil, grease, asphalt, tar enamel, ink vapor, condensation, antifreeze, etc.

External Specifications

  • Standard type

    Standard type

  • Trauma-resistant type

    Heavy duty type

  • Shrinkable tube type with flame-retardant exterior (Drip and dust resistant)

    Flame retardant shrinkable tube type (Drip- and dust-proof)

  • External SUS shield type

    Stainless steel shield type

Anti-damage, anti-break and surface temperature reduction

Our company's original braiding technology is applied to the outer layer to enhance damage and breaking resistance performance.
The structure also enables reduction of the hose surface temperature.

Anti-break (Having a similar effect to entire length spring equipped hose.)
  • Heavy duty type

    Standard type

  • Standard type

    Heavy duty type

Ensures protection when fastened with bundling bands.
  • Standard type

    Standard type

  • Heavy duty type

    Heavy duty type

Heater for fittings

Since the joints of the standard type are not heat treated, problems such as drops in the temperature or melting failure of the fluid may arise.
In such cases, joint heaters are effective.
Because the hose body and heaters are wired in series, temperature is adjusted together with the hose body, eliminating the need for a separate heat-regulating system.

Wiring diagram
Wiring diagram
  • Jacket heater type

    Jacket heater type

  • Cord heater type

    Cord heater type

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