• Heated hose

    Heated hose

    Heated hose are used for constant-temperature transfer of water, oil, air and solutions. They prevent coagulation, freezing and increasing in viscosity of resins, fats, oils and other viscous fluids.One of the greatest advantages of our hoses in the elimination of the need for cost and time-consuming heat-trace and insulation work design.

  • High pressure thermoplastic hose / Special hose


    Various industrial hoses that are pressure-resistant processed according to the application.We offer wide range of lineups from low pressure to ultra high pressure hoses which suit for various applications such as chemicals, food, gas, steam, painting and cleaning etc.

  • Flexible heater

    Flexible heater

    For heating of all kinds of hoppers, tanks, pumps, valves and pipelines. Capable of retaining heat. Ideal products compatible with heated substances and working environments are designed to order. We offer a wide range of heater types including detachable and integrated heaters to meet all kinds of requirements.

  • Other products

    Other products

    We also offer a lineup of products such as sensors, temperature controller and special tubes as well as insulation and temperature control materials.

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