Thin tape heater

The heating element nichrome ultra-fine wires are arranged in parallel and sandwiched between thin polyimide tapes.
This type is ideal for pipe heating and thermal insulation, especially in places with dust and drip-proof requirements.

Thin tape heater


  • Ultra-thin design
    With a thickness of no more than 1mm (not including the lead wire and ends), this type makes for ease of working in places with limited space.
  • High heat resistance temperature
    Heating resistance temperature: MAX180℃
  • High thermal efficiency
    The ultra-thin design ensures outstanding heat conduction to realize high heat efficiency with low electric power.
  • Flexible
    The ultra-thin design provides outstanding flexibility. (Usable on pipes with an outer diameter of up to φ4)
  • Dust and drip-proof structure
    With superb chemical resistance, solvent cannot penetrate the surface and can be easily wiped off.
  • Wear resistant
    The polyimide surface provides excellent wear resistance.
  • Products can also be order-made.
    Products can also be order-made to match customers’ working conditions and needs.


  • Temperature control in dust and drip-proof locations
  • Temperature control of precision devices

Structural Drawing

Thin tape heaterの構成図 Thin tape heaterの構成図

Typical Materials

① Lead wireTeflon power cordMAX250℃, non-combustible
② Outer layer/insulation layerPolyimide filmMAX300℃, non-combustible
③ Heating elementNichrome wire
④ EndNickelSpot welding, terminal crimping
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