Thermal insulation cover

This is a flexible freely-detachable product with thermal insulation integrated with the outer cover.

Thermal insulation cover


  • The carefully selected thermal insulation ensures a low surface temperature.
  • Heat resistance: MAX700℃
  • Means such as tape, string or bands can be used for attachment and detachment.
  • The product is compatible with almost all shapes including pipes, hoppers, tanks and pumps.


  • Thermal insulation of piping equipment (e.g. Elbows, piping, valves, flanges, U-shaped pipes, V-shaped pipes, Y-shaped pipes, deformed pipes, branch pipes, hoppers)
  • Thermal insulation for all kinds of tank (e.g. Distillation tanks, mixing tanks, chemical reaction tanks, storage tanks, drums, pails, vacuum containers)
  • Thermal insulation for heater-less parts
  • Prevention of burns, prevention of heat dissipation

Structural Drawing

Thermal insulation coverの構成図 Thermal insulation coverの構成図

Typical Materials

① Inner layerSilicone coated cloth, glass cloth, non-asbestos cloth, alumina cloth, etc.
② Thermal insulation layerGlass wool, half silica mat, etc.
③ Surface layerSilicone coated cloth, alumina-coated cloth, etc.
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