Tape heater (ribbon heater)

This is a flexible heater with the heating element nichrome ultra-fine wire zigzag braided with heat-resistant fiber and can be used within a working temperature range of 200℃ – 500℃.

Tape heater (ribbon heater)


Heat resistance temperature: Up to 500℃
Three types of product are available matched to working temperatures.

*Please ask us about higher temperatures.

  • Flexible
    The flexibility of the ribbon shape makes it ideal for use for applications such as wrap-around heating and insulation.
  • Even planar heating
    The zigzag heating element produces a heating effect closer to planar heating.
  • Order-made
    Products can be order-made to match customers’ working conditions and needs.


  • Temperature control of tanks, hoppers and piping devices
  • Temperature control of chemical equipment

Structural Drawing

Tape heater (ribbon heater)の構成図 Tape heater (ribbon heater)の構成図

Typical Materials

MaterialMAX200℃ typeMAX300℃ typeMAX500℃ type
① Lead wireTeflon power cord,
MAX250℃, non-combustible
Nickel silica power cord,
MAX400℃, non-combustible
Nickel silica power cord,
MAX400℃, non-combustible
② Heating elementNichrome wire
Nichrome wire
Nichrome wire
② Heating element protectionE-Glass braid,
MAX400℃, non-combustible
E-Glass braid,
MAX400℃, non-combustible
Alumina braid,
MAX1200℃, non-combustible
③ Securing yarnE-glass,
MAX400℃, non-combustible
MAX400℃, non-combustible
Alumina yarn,
MAX1200℃, non-combustible
④ Outer layerE-glass sleeve,
MAX400℃, non-combustible
E-glass sleeve,
MAX400℃, non-combustible
Alumina sleeve,
MAX1200℃, non-combustible
 Comments②③ Treated with silicone②③ unvarnished②③ unvarnished


TypesMaximum heat resistance temperature
TH200MAX200℃ type
TH300MAX300℃ type
TH500MAX500℃ type

Special specifications

  • With securing string
    The string length can be specified.
  • SUS-shielded outer layer type
    With outstanding wear resistance, this type is also flexible thanks to the braided sleeve.
  • Drip-proof type
    The product can also be drip-proofed using a silicone-coated cloth outer layer. (Up to 200℃) *Not waterproof
  • Built-in sensor type
    A thermocouple sensor or thermostat (self-temperature control type) can be built into the product.
  • Genuine Toyonaka Hot Research controller
    Controllers can be provided to match specifications.
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