Insulated hose

Heater-less hose available in nylon, teflon, stainless steel flexible tube and other types of hoses and tubes structured with insulation materials for hot and cold usage.
Anti-spatter and other treatments are also available.

Insulated hose


  • Featuring a processing method that is basically the same as heated hoses without the heating process, insulated hoses can be used for processing of products supplied by customers.
  • Resin hoses, metal pipes and other types can also be processed and used for a wide range of applications.

Structural Drawing

Insulated hoseの構成図 Insulated hoseの構成図

Typical Materials

① AdapterSUS, iron, brass, etc.
② Hose fittingSUS, iron, brass, Teflon resin, etc.
③ Inner tubeNylon, Teflon, rubber, SUS pipe, etc.
④ Pressure-resistant layerSUS304 wire braid, fiber braid, etc.
⑤ Heat insulationSpecial heat-resistant sponge, special heat-resistant felt, etc.
⑥ Outer layerHeat-resistant resin braid, shrinkable tubes, etc.
⑦ End capNPM, Silicone, etc.
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