Heated tube

This is a heating tube with a maximum thermal resistance of 400℃, which specializes in thermal insulation and heating of flowing fluid and gas similar to a heated hose. The inner tube is further lengthened out at both ends, making it possible to insert a different removable transfer tube for an easy replacement as required.

Heated tube


Heat resistance temperature: Up to 400℃ max.

*Please ask about higher temperatures.


  • Capable of thermal insulation and heating, the heat-generating layer comprises evenly-wound heating elements, thus minimizing differences in inner wall temperature distribution.
  • Customers can select tube materials to meet their working environment and conditions.
  • ‌Core tube materials such as Teflon or SUS can be selected to realize a flexible structure.
  • We can design tubes with materials and a wide range of fittings matched to applications and offer specifications to satisfy any requirements.
  • We can design tubes with flame retardant and noncombustible materials matched to conditions. In addition, we select heat retention material with high insulation performance to realize a structure that takes surface temperature into consideration.

Structural Drawing

Heated tubeの構成図 Heated tubeの構成図

Typical Materials

① Inner tubeNylon, SUS straight pipe, SUS flexi-pipe, etc.
② Insulation layerHeat-resistant fiber braid + Silicone treatment, etc.
③ Heating layerNichrome wire (e.g. Heat-resistant fiber braid, Teflon coated), etc.
④ Heat insulationSpecial heat-resistant sponge, special heat-resistant felt and other heat-resistant materials
⑤ Outer layerHeat-resistant resin braid, shrinkable tubes, etc.
⑥ End capNPM, silicone, etc.
⑦ Lead coverSantoprene, silicone-coated glass sleeves, heat-resistant corrugated tubes, etc.
 Power cordTeflon coated wire, etc.
 Sensor wireThermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers, self-temperature control types, etc.
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