High pressure nylon hose

This is a high-pressure hose with outstanding solvent resistance that features a polyamide (nylon) resin inner tube.
Light and flexible, the hose features a stainless steel wire or high-strength fiber reinforced layer to realize outstanding durability.
Hoses with outer covers are also available to match applications. This is an extremely versatile product that is used in a wide range of fields.

High pressure nylon hose


  • Airless painting machines, high-pressure cleaners, general industrial machinery, etc.


  • Heat resistance
    R100 Series: -40 – 100℃
    R215-P Series: -40 – 60℃
    R215-S Series: -40 – 100℃
    For water: 60℃
  • Hose standard inner diameter
R100 Series (21 - 35MPa, SUS wire braid outer cover type)
R215-P Series (21 - 35MPa, PVC outer layer type)
R215-S Series (21 - 35MPa, Santoprene outer layer type)
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