Jacket heater

A combined unit comprising a heater and insulation material that eliminates needless time and effort expended on heat tracing and insulation work to realize outstanding running costs. Compatible with almost any shape.

Jacket heater


Heat-resistance temperature: Up to 450℃ max.

*Please ask us about higher temperatures.

  • The heater and insulation material comprise a single unit, eliminating needles time and effort expended on insulation work and keeping costs down.
  • The insulation material used is carefully selected to ensure a low surface temperature and keep running costs down.
  • Thanks to the design that is compatible with materials matched to applications and a wide range of fittings, we can propose specifications to match all kinds of requirements.
  • Ultra-fine nichrome wire is sewn into the entire cover to ensure outstanding service life and temperature distribution balance.


  • Heating and thermal insulation of piping in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
  • Heating and thermal insulation of piping equipment (e.g. Elbows, piping, valves flanges, U-shaped pipes, V-shaped pipes, valve, bent pipes, branch pipes, hoppers)
  • Heating and thermal insulation of tanks (e.g. Distillation tanks, mixing tanks, chemical reaction tanks, storage tanks, drums, pails, vacuum containers)
  • Heating of all kinds of vacuum devices
  • Thermal insulation of equipment used in cold regions
  • Heating and thermal insulation of complicated experiment and research apparatus and special glass apparatus

Structural Drawing

Jacket heaterの構成図 Jacket heaterの構成図

Typical Materials

① Inner surface layerSilicone coated cloth, glass cloth, non-asbestos cloth, alumina cloth
② Heating layerNickel chrome wire + E-glass braid, nickel chrome + alumina fiber braid
③ Insulation layerGlass wool, half-silicone mat
④ Outer surface layerSilicone-coated cloth, aluminum upholstery cloth
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