Cord heater

This heater is coated over its entire length except at the ends to make the product dust and drip proof.
The product can be order made to match customers’ working conditions and needs.

Cord heater


  • Flexible
    The product features ultra-fine nichrome wire to provide excellent flexibility.
  • Ease of workability
    While the standard product comes lead wire outlets at each end, products with an outlet at only one end can also be manufactured. In addition, connector specifications can also be arranged for ease of attachment and detachment.
  • High thermal efficiency
    The ultra-thin design ensures outstanding heat conduction to realize high thermal efficiency with low electric power.
  • Dust and drip proof
    With the exception of the ends, the entire length is coated to ensure dust and drip proof performance.
  • Products can also be order-made.
    Products can also be order-made to match customers’ working conditions and needs.


  • Temperature control of valves, pipes and cylinders
  • Prevention of water supply equipment freezing and condensation

Structural Drawing

Cord heaterの構成図 Cord heaterの構成図

Typical Materials

① Lead wireTeflon power cableMAX250℃, non-combustible
② Outer layerCHP type
Fluororesin (PFA)
MAX200℃, Flame retardance
② Outer layerCHS type
MAX180℃, non-combustible


TypeOuter layerMaximum working temperature
CHP type Fluororesin (PFA)200℃
CHS typeSilicone180℃
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