We manufacture high-quality hoses that are flexible, strong (hard to break), and long-lasting. At Toyonaka Hot, we carefully listen to customers' requests. Therefore, all of our products are custom-made based on the customers' needs. We offer the high durability hoses and our customers can reduce the total cost.

<Product Outline> The hose keeps heating liquids and prevents the increase of viscosity. It almost evenly controls the temperature and it can be heated from 0 to Max. 400℃. Also, the hose is resistant to high pressure at Max. 40MPa.


hot melt, sealing, and emission measurement

<Product Outline> Heated Tube is suitable for frequent hot fluid replacement, so it can be easily connected and disconnected. Like heated hose, it keeps warm and heat at Max. 400℃.


chocolate, pharmaceutical raw materials, and transfer of lipstick materials

<Product Outline> High Pressure Teflon Hose has high chemical resistance and ultra-high pressure at Max. 50MPa. Regardless of its high performance, the hose is light and has a high flexibility; it has a good controllability and safety.


sealing and oil injection for robots under high pressure

<Product Outline> High Pressure Nylon Hose has a strong resistant to solvent and high pressure at Max. 40MPa. It has a high flexibility and easy to use like high pressure Teflon hose.


sealing, washing machines, and ship coating

<Product Outline> It is suitable for high temperature (Max. 200℃) and steam pressure (Max. 1.56MPa) such as press machines, steam irons, and steam cleanings. It guarantees safety because the hose keeps lower temperature at its surface and the flexibility.


steam iron for cleaning industries, press machines for cleaning, and etc.


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