Heated Hose

Heated Hose keeps warm and heat. Also it helps to prevent high viscosity and freezing of fluids. We provide the best solution to meet your field conditions. Our heated hose will save your time and money for preparing heater tracers and insulators. In addition, we provide various temperature controllers such as a built-in temperature adjustment thermostat, etc. <Applications> hot melt, sealing, and emission measurement

Reasons to Choose Our Hoses

Heat resistance by at Max. 400℃, the industry’s highest level

We’re here to offer the hose that enables to heat from -20℃ to 400℃.
Our hoses have same inner temperature for whole parts because they are evenly covered by heating technology.

At any pressure conditions

Our hose can be used from low pressure to ultra-high pressure, and vacuum conditions.
Achievement: Max. 40MPa / internal diameter: φ6 / Max. 200℃

Safety Design

We provide the best solution to meet your field conditions by selecting materials and listening to your specifications.
The hose keeps lower temperature at its surface and safety because we mainly use incombustible materials for heat insulation.

Customized Hoses

We have various hose materials and select the best one for your requirements.
We manufacture short to long hoses and small to large caliber. We also conduct heat processing to fix pipes.

Attention: Maximum temperature and pressure can be different depends on the hoses' materials and sizes. Please feel free to ask us.


Hot melt Automobile Industry

Heated hose is used for the coating procedure. One of our clients used to replace hose every 2 months. However, after the company changed to our heated hose, it could have been long-lasting for 3 years.

Hot melt Paper Diapers

Heated hose keeps together at same high temperature and helps to spray glue onto paper diapers.

Producing capsules for medicine (50~150℃) Medical Industry

Instead of using pipes, our client uses the heated hose to increase the accuracy in the process of transfering gelatin into making capsule machines.

Structure of Heated Hose

Heated hose

General Specifications

Typical Applications Typical Fluids Handled
Hotmelt application Butyl rubber, Pressure sensitive adhesives, Ethylene vinyl acetate, Polyamide, Polyurethane reactive, warm melt sealers etc.
Dispenser Epoxy resins, PVC, adhesives, Urethanes etc.
Automotive manufacturing Sealants & adhesives, etc.
Resin mold PP, PE, Acrylic resin, PVC, etc.
Tube Material Teflon Tube Nylon Tube Stainless Tube
Maximum working temperature 230℃ 50℃ 400℃
Maximum working pressure 30MPa 30MPa 5MPa

Standard Threads

G(PF) Japanese standard straight pipe threads for general use JIS B0202
R(PT) Japanese standard taper pipe threads for general use JIS B0203
UNF Unified fine pitch thread JIS B0208
UNC Unified coarse pitch thread JIS B0206
M Metric fine pitch thread JIS B0205
M Metric coarse pitch thread JIS B0205
NPT American standard taper pipe threads for general use ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
NPS American standard straight pipe threads for general use ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
NPTF Dryseal American standard taper pipe threads ANSI/B1.20.3, 1.20.4
NPSM American standard straight pipe threads for free-fitting mechanical joints fixtures ANSI/B1.20.3, 1.20.4


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