Question: Can I request the products which are not listed on this website?

Yes, of course! We would like to know what you want.
We always listen to the customer and offer the customized products in accordance with the requirements.

Question: Can I make a call in English?

Yes, our English experts will answer to your questions.
TEL: +81-3-5843-7531
Our office is open from Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm JST
Kindly consider the time difference between your country when you make a call
If you are not in hurry, please send us your inquiry through a contact form. We can answer to your queries at the earliest.

Question: Can I ask some technical questions?

Yes, our English experts are engineers and you can ask any questions through a contact form, call, and chat.

Question: Can I request in other languages besides English?

Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai language are available.

Question: When can I get a reply for Quotation?

We usually send you Quotations within 2-3 working days
Office is closed during Japanese Holidays as below
* New Years Holiday (from the end of December to the beginning of January for a week )
* Golden week Holiday (Beginning of May)
* Summer Holiday (Mid-August)

Question: We need some products immediately. Do you have these in stock?

We are afraid that almost all the products are made-to-order.

Question: I want to know standard delivery time.

Standard products : in 2~4 weeks

Please note that standard delivery time varies depending on seasons and quantity.
We will notify you the exact delivery time with your quotation

Question: Can I replace by myself?

Yes, you can replace products with the new one by yourself

Question: Where do you manufacture the products?

All of our products are “Made in Japan”
Our factories are in Miyazaki (the west part of Japan), Tokyo and Osaka.
All the process of manufacturing to quality inspection are carried out consistently in our factory and ship out to all over the world.