Applications list

Hot melt Automobile Industry

Heated hose is used for the coating procedure. One of our clients used to replace hose every 2 months. However, after the company changed to our heated hose, it could have been long-lasting for 3 years.

Coating Shipbuilding Industry

Long and high pressure resistant hose is needed in a coating procedure. Our client's company has achieved the high work efficiency and safety by using our flexible and high pressure resistant hose.

Steam Iron Cleaning Industry

The inner hose keeps high temperature while the surface keeps low temperature. Because it is flexible light-weight and easy to use, safety is guaranteed.

Sealing Automobile Industry

Our heated hoses are used at an assembly line for car's windows. It keeps softened butyl rubber at same temperature and pours it into frame of windows.

Coating Automobile Industry

It sprays high viscosity water paint with high pressure Nylon hose of Max. 40MPa and high pressure Teflon hose of Max. 50MPa.

Oil injection under high pressure condition Industrial Robot

It's necessary to inject oil into industrial robots under high pressure condition. It enables robots to work without oil leak. Our hoses are resistant to Max. 50MPa pressure.

Hot melt Paper Diapers

Heated hose keeps together at same high temperature and helps to spray glue onto paper diapers.

Chocolate (50℃) Food Industry

By heating and pouring melted chocolate into machines, it enables to draw designs and characters freely.

Sealing Window

It pours softened sealing materials into the edge of windows.

Hot melt Shoes and Bags

Heated hose is used to attach paste to shoe soles, bag parts and etc.

Ink for pens Office Stationary

Heated tube is used for transfering heated ink to machines.

Hot melt Toy

Heated hose pours high temperature glue into the parts of toys.

High Pressure Washing

We provide high pressure resistant hose to wash machines.

Sealing Solar Panel

Our hoses are used for sealing of the solar panel cells to prevent the degradation.

Lipsticks Cosmetics

Our hoses are used to pour the melted materials into the molds.

Exhaust Gas Measurement Automobile Industry

Heated hose keeps the gas at the same temperature and pours it into the measuring instrument. The gas component changes when the temperature decreases. It is important to conduct the measurement accurately.

Producing capsules for medicine (50~150℃) Medical Industry

Instead of using pipes, our client uses the heated hose to increase the accuracy in the process of transfering gelatin into making capsule machines.

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