Low pressure teflon hose

“This is a stainless-steel wire braided hose with a fluororesin (PFA) tube.
This product has a long track record of use over many years for the transfer of steam. Thanks to the characteristics of the Teflon (PFA) tube, the hose offers outstanding heat and chemical resistance and inner surface smoothness. “

Low pressure teflon hose


  • For transfer of all kinds of fluids and other substances used in industrial equipment and devices (e.g. Steam, oil, solvents, chemical fluids, resin, paint, food)


  • Heat resistance
    R310 Series: -65 – 230℃
    P Series: -40 – 60℃
    S Series: -40 – 130℃
    R300 Series: -65 – 230℃
  • Hose standard inner diameter
    φ6 ~φ32
R310 series (10MPa type)
R310-P Series (10MPa, PVC outer layer type)
R310-S Series (10MPa, Santoprene outer layer type)
R300 Series (10MPa or less type)
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